At the non surgical group we offer treatments using state-of-the-art and proven techniques in cosmetic correction and enhancement of the skin, without the need for expensive and possibly dangerous surgery. The effects are natural looking and require no hospitalisation or time off work, after any of our treatments you carry on your life to life normal routine. We offer a comprehensive range of professional treatments and have invested in the latest and best technology available to ensure that the results will be as good as you would expect and deserve them to be to your health and your pocket.

For each treatment we carry out a consultation, this initial consultation will be carried out to ensure that the patient understands the facts regarding the treatment they are considering having i.e side effects, pain relief and post treatment regimes will all be discussed at this time. A full break down of the cost will be given at the end of the consultation unless you have already prepaid for your treatment.

We also understand many people lead very busy lives, therefore our appointments are flexible and can be tailored to suit around individuals needs. Unlike other establishments, which have visiting practitioners, Ours are in house staff and available seven days a week at your convenience.

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